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Attacking Pixels

Hi, I’m Adam Robinson, a software developer and maker based in London. Take a look at my projects and experiments.

Hi, I’m Adam Robinson.

👔 Full Stack Developer @ Defty

🎓 M.Sc - Computer Science - Class of 2017
👔 Freelance Designer
👔 Product Designer @ SLPY
🔥 Entrepreneurial Spark - Accelerator
👔 Co-Founder & Designer @ Attacking Design
🐣 Leeds University - Buisiness Incubator
👔 Junior Designer @ Disruptive Innovation
🎓 B.Des - Product Design - Class of 2010

Thanks for visiting my blog Attacking Pixels, I’ll be updating it sporadically or when I’ve had a pop at something interesting! I’ve been living in London for a year now, working as a full-stack developer at In my spare time I like experimenting with code and building things. I’m particularly drawn to programming of a visual nature which is rooted in HCI, allowing me to apply my understanding of design principles.


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🌍 Location: London, UK 🇬🇧

💡 Interests: Open manufacturing & design, ethical hacking & Three.js

🎧 Soundtrack: Techno, Acid & House. Failing to to curb my vinyl habit!

🥅 2020 Goals: Learn Solidarity (ETH), visit Vietnam 🇻🇳 & experiment with 3D

🥅 2019 Goals: Fastpack Offas Dyke, visit Albania 🇦🇱 & write more code